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Our participants fuel our work and breathe dynamic life into each institute. Here’s what they have to say about their experiences:


“When I think back on my experience of attending the White Water Institute, I find myself smiling and saying to myself, ‘Wow, what a ride.'”

Kathryn Burr, Women’s Resource Center, 2013


I think the White Water Institute is an amazing organization. The concept is simple and the results are profound. Similar to the joy of parenthood, it is difficult to describe to someone who doesn’t have children. I think systems thinking is the way to go to change our current socio-economic mind set and the collective consciousness.  Using the river as a teaching tool is powerful because it incorporated the body into the teaching.  It’s a great way to positively reinforce the experience.”

-Fritz Paulus, Attorney at Law, Portland, OR


“A great opportunity to take a team away from the daily work and into a setting where concentration can be applied to a critical project or task. I do believe it is essential, however, that the team have some idea of the project or task they would like to accomplish prior to arrival. The work can be more focused, and this gives rise to finding additional areas of concern through organic processes rather than finding issues while struggling to identify a project.”

-Tracey Olsen-Oliver, Director of Student Development at Valencia College, Orlando, FL


“The Institute was fantastic! It modeled excellent teamwork, trust-building, and constructive conflict, which we’ll take back to our office and use independently.”

 Participant, 2015

          “This was the best change leadership retreat I’ve ever attended, especially because our team came           together so well.

-Aaron Hilliard, VP Human Resources, Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA


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