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Vision and Mission

Our Noble Purpose

The purpose of the White Water Institute is to apply principles of natural living systems in making needed changes in our own human systems.

 What We Do

We help people learn and work together to recognize complex challenges. Given time to work together as a team, participants find ways to improve those conditions by identifying underlying patterns that can help make desired changes.

 How We Do It

We learn in a classroom and by rafting a white water river. In a classroom setting we teach principles of living systems, engage in storytelling, group dialogue, and personal reflection. Additionally, we provide time and guidance for participants (teams) to develop projects that can be taken back to address complex social challenges in their communities and organizations. By rafting the river, participants internalize and experience the principles of natural living systems.

 Why We Do It

Our experiential learning opens new and creative channels for our participants. They come away from each institute with fresh ideas and tangible strategies to solve the complex problems experienced in their work, communities, even their personal lives. The White Water Institute offers a new and transformative way to address change.

Our Values

  • Experiential learning to better understand the intersections between natural living systems and human systems;
  • Partnerships with others building the capacity of individuals who use eco-systems tools to guide our way through disruptive change;
  • Collective leadership to reach shared meaning that allows communities to move forward and opens people’s minds to undiscovered levels of understanding.
  • Sustainability A social system that has learned to apply the characteristics of living systems meeting the continuous and changing needs of all its members.
  • Relationships that strengthen the individual, team, organization and/or community to achieve its mission.

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