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Value Added for You or Your Organization

Our senior trainers and program developers are distinguished leaders with expertise in communication, authentic engagement and distinguishing qualities of living systems providing you or your organization instruction of the highest quality.

  • Four-day sessions for teams from business, community and nonprofit organizations.
    By stepping outside the usual comfort zone of your busy lives, you and your team will recognize the significance of interdependency, reconnect with your own deeper purpose and build a stronger team.  You will learn new skills to help identify patterns causing persistent, nagging issues embedded in your organizational systems. With time to plan, your team will apply these new tools for breaking through unhealthy patterns to reach intended outcomes with a solid plan for immediate  implementation.
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  • Three-day sessions for individuals from all walks of life.
    You will gain confidence by acting outside your  comfort zone and reconnecting with your deeper purpose, making new connections, learning new skills and incorporating how and why living in an interdependent world will help reignite living from your own passion.

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  • Three-day sessions for college-aged students and staff focused on intercultural communication and leadership.
    You will walk away with skills for facing challenging white water rapids that translate into life skills.    These skills will assist you in your own life by helping you become a stronger leader, solve key intercultural problems and create  authentic relationships that will support you in everyday life in school, at work and with your friends and family.
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